Amazing testimonies from our members
"Before I worked with Shannon I struggled with unworthiness and which inhibited my growth as a woman and as an entrepreneur. This whole experience was a huge transformation for me!”
Candace Mitchell
"After actively being a part of Shannon’s community, my purpose is bigger than I can imagine. Learning about my gifts has helped me understand that I am where I am supposed to be in life"
Zayda Santiago
"My eyes have been opened to the power of the Holy Spirit as a result of Shannon’s teachings and I am now more excited than ever to fully heal and move forward in humble confidence of my anointing in Christ."
Aimee Stauth
"I have become so aware of my gifts, and after every class/session I attend truly confirm the woman God has called me to be; "POWERFUL" beyond my own knowledge."
Kenyetta Watkins
"Your online communities resonate so deep with me! The speakers are all so dynamic and I get revelation from each one! Since working with Shannon I have received great deliverance."
Rhea Rose
"I have gone through a spiritual transformation and awakening. I have manifested the prayers of my heart beyond what I could imagine. Investing in me is the best decision I have ever made!"
Amber Bryant


Key Offerings and Community Benefits
Shannon will lead live coaching sessions based on spiritual authority principles that unleashes blessings, accelerates healing, and activates purpose to help you reach your divine destiny.
You will be added to a powerful community of fellow members to hold you accountable along your journey and gain continuous daily inspiration and guidance.
Our powerful teachers will lead sessions and coach you through your breakthrough. With divine and anointed mentorship, you'll uncover patterns to break and habits to form for lasting change.
A book will be selected each month for you to read that is related to the live coaching topics to deepen your knowledge and provide complementary material along with a Q&A cafe for live discussion.


What makes The Inner Court different from other communities?
When you join our Inner Court, you’ll receive direct access to Shannon Evette’s private audio training library with over 300 hours of teaching. These scientific healing revelations and faith-based principles instantaneously SHIFT women from fear and resistance into their highest activation in life, love, freedom and purpose.  Shannon is known as a modern day sage and master of the healing arts who has served in ministry for over 23 years. 

We understand that it’s not enough to have money without love, success without significance, purpose without health, faith without surrender, freedom without discipline, productivity without vision. In the Inner Court, you’ll receive everything you need in one thriving community to live a wealthy, transcendent and powerful life where you experience the divine on a daily.



Transform Your Life Instantly
Activate your healing gifts, make room for your highest purpose and allow your intuitive voice and vision to take you higher than ever before.
Benefits of Inner Court membership
Receive healing and breakthrough to finally go after your dreams and live a life that is reflection of all you desire to MANIFEST
Let go of dogmatic, rigid religion and embrace the FREEDOM to worship God how you are uniquely wired. 
Be activated as VISIONARY leader who accelerates in your Spiritual gifts, authority, power, and AUTHENTIC calling. 
Go beyond trauma and past pain to embrace your WORTHINESS and become a conscious CO-CREATOR with God in the spirit realm. 
The healing work is constantly going on and I find great healing in community! It has given me a new outlook on life and a my purpose! I am a POWERFUL Woman!!! I realize for me, healing is worth every hour, minute, second and financial investment. May we all go forth in our true callings and heal our families and community!”
- Rhea Rose

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Join The Inner Court Today! A New Dimension Awaits…
~ Inner Court FAQs ~

Q: Is The Inner Court a one-time fee or billed monthly?

A: Unless you paid your year-long enrollment up front, The Inner Court will be billed monthly. You will be charged $55 approximately every 30 days  for 12 months.

Q: How do I attend the live video coaching sessions?

A: All live coaching classes are held within our private Facebook group.

Q: What if I miss a live session?

A: All live sessions will remain within the FB private group. We will also add the video replays to your student portal at the close of each month.

Q: Am I locked into a commitment for the entire year?

A: While we suggest you stay a full year in order to master the core learning principles, we allow students to cancel their monthly tuition at any time.

Q: How often are live trainings held?

A: Live mindset mentoring and coaching are held every Monday in our private Facebook community.

Q: Is this is a DIY (self-paced course) or group course?

A: There is a live weekly component, and a "go at your own speed" library full of Shannon's most well-regarded courses to listen to at your convenience.

Q: If I cancel can I keep training materials?

A: You are able to keep bonus trainings, however you will lose all access to backend student portal and private Facebook Inner Court community.

Have Additional Questions?

***PLEASE NOTE, our Private Facebook community is NOT the forum to post customer service questions or inquiries. PLEASE email us directly: hello@shannoneveette.com

This is YOUR journey, our goal is to make it one of CLARITY and excellence!

I am honored to have you. Your investment in my calling and your own is deeply appreciated and valued.

Blessings and love,

Queen Shannon Evette

Your Queendom Mentor, Guide and Sister

Shannon Evette International